Reflection on Project 3

In retrospect, if I had known how many technical issues I would encounter before I was even able to start animation, I might have actually avoided attempting to use the graphics tablet.

However, I am glad I was able to persist through it as there are so many things I’ve now learnt that I can definitely improve on in the future. For one, I know I can spend even more time to calibrate the tablet so that it wasn’t so tedious using the brushes in Photoschop (there is a known issue that the tablet can actually be clunky or unresponsive in relation to actual stylus motions). Secondly, as I had become quite engrossed in zooming into the fine details, it was only really on export of my animations that I realised that I probably could have been a bit more relaxed on the detail.

That being said, I was quite happy in how smooth the animations turned out, due to being able to work so close-up in Photoshop.

In a sense, this was almost a complete contrast to the cel-animation via charcoal in my first animation, in which the medium was fast, messy and far more forgiving in terms of imperfections.